Many girls in Uganda drop out of school involuntarily due to unwanted pregnancies. . Even after giving birth, these girls cannot go back to school. At such a tender age, some of them are forced to marry the same men who defiled them while others are forced to take responsibility of their children and are resigned to a life of domestic chores. Apart from the exclusion from school and termination of all opportunities for self-development, such girls are at risk of unsafe abortions, infection with HIV and other STDs. Meanwhile, as the girl suffers these consequences, most times the father of the child is left unaccountable. There is therefore need for education interventions among young mothers to rescue them from the above social vices.   


One of the objectives of Wakisa Ministries is to re-integrate young mothers into schools and higher institutions of learning that had dropped out as a result of early pregnancies, to reduce on the high levels of school drop outs due to unwanted pregnancies, to improve the standards of living of young mothers and their babies, to reduce on the high level of illiteracy among women as a result of dropping out of schools due to unwanted pregnancy, to give them hope for the future after conception and delivery, to beef up self esteem among the young mothers as a result of education.



Success Rates

Over 60 Young mothers have been reintegrated in schools for the last ten years.

They have been to different schools which include;

  • Kings college Buddo
  • St Micheal Secondary School
  • Buloba High School
  • Manirembe Infant School
  • Ndejje University
  • Kyambogo University

Putting a girl through school will cost around $900 for an academic year. If this is something you are interested in, please do drop us an email or give us a call so we can have a talk on how to put a teen mum back into the education system. 





Hear a Story from one of the girls studying at AgroMax